My challenges with hyper-V

I had some challenges with hyper-V, so here are some tricks and tricks:

  • According to this link you can turn hyper-V on/off:
    1. To disable Hyper-V from starting, the following command can be used. Open a command prompt with administrator priviliges:
    2.  bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off
    3. To enable the Hyper-V role again, use the following command:
      • bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype auto
    4. A restart is necessary before changes will take effect.
Let's see how that works out!...

Next day: Hmmm. It does not seem to work. Hyper-V is still there…

Well found this post by Scott Hanselman, so must try that one out. But first I will just try the hard way, by turning of via “Turn Windows features on or off”.

Update, 28/11-14: I now use Scott Hanselman’s solution. Not that it is perfect, but it works. I then use msconfig to change which boot type I currently prefer to be default.

Next challenge:

Convert existing VMware image to hyper-V:

  • For this I assume disk2vhd can be used.
    • That will be explored later!


One very anoying thing: You cannot use hyper-V with other virtualization tools like:

Android Emulators, Virtual Box, VM Vare Workstation – and more…

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