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Dev knowledge – notes

  Mark Seemann Visitor Pattern – Kata: Abstractions – interface vs polymorphic type!  

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Gps calculations

Notes to myself (january 2017)   Line intersect  – Tested in JRunnerExperiments.     How to check if two line segments intersect see Although Java code. Not easily translated to c#.     Diverse unchecked: (An … Continue reading

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Split App or Web.configwith: configSource

Sources: Separating out WCF Configuration Into Multiple Files with configSource Place sections in external file – example from BNRkre:   <system.serviceModel>     <bindings configSource=”bin\SystemServiceModelBindings.config”/>     <client configSource=”bin\SystemServiceModelClient.config”/>   </system.serviceModel> </configuration> If you wanted you could separate out your entire system.serviceModel … Continue reading

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