…ok, so now I throw myself into the world of mobile development on Android devices!



Here is my first runner app:

You can try it from this link, or the QR code below.

DTURunner apk:

Currently version, as of 2/2-2016.

[To install you need to allow from other sources (since it is not in the play store.)]


Or scan this:




Se more info here – from the poster for my exam:

Planche__DTURunner JanMAndersen_s067641


Programmet kræver følgende adgange:

  • Position
    • nøjagtig (GPS) position
  • Netværkskommunikation (fuld internet adgang)
  • Dine konti
    • Brug legitimationsoplysninger for en konti
    • find kendte konti
  • Lagring
    • skrive til USB lager
  • Systemværktøjer
    • undgå at telefonen sover
  • Udviklingsværktøjer



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