Lenovo Yoga 2 pro



Drivers, manuals ect:



Hardware manual

Here is the manual. Fx. how to change the battery. Found through this page.

lenovo_yoga_2_pro_hardware manual

Battery on ebay! Pr. september 2017 er priserne omkring 300 – 350 kr.

Eksempel1. 7400mAh. (New OEM L12M4P21 Battery For LENOVO Yoga 2 Pro 13 Y50-70AS-ISE L13S4P21 7400mAh).


Micro-hdmi port

I too, have problem with the micro-hdmi port:

I have bought a hdmi micro converter (micro to normal hdmi). When I use it with a hdmi cabel, there is no reaction to the screen attatched. I have read that other people have been cutting some of the plastic off their micro hdmi converter stick. See here Hanselman:

It turns out that many cables (especially cheap ones from Amazon) don’t expose enough metal to make a decent connection.

Take a razor blade and cut a good millimeter around the cable’s rubber housing to expose more metal.

So far, I did not try it myself, as I would like to test with other cables first…

Screen flickering & blinking

The is a problem with the screen starts to flicker.

So far I close the lid (triggers hibernate) and then on again. Very annoying.

See this page also.




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