My favorite shortcuts – (windows)

NB: doublet! See also: shortcuts windows

There are many sites who lists shortcuts. For now I will post my latest favorites, and eventually and more and more.

Normally they should be available in windows 7 and 8.

In an explorer (dk: stifinder) if you want to navigate up, then use:
<alt key> + arrow up in the folder structure
<alt key> + arrow left –> navigate back to previous visited folder
<alt key> + arrow right –> navigate forward to visited folder

Place windows:
<windows key> + arrow keys: place the current window:
<windows key> + arrow left: place the current window to the left.
<windows key> + arrow right: place the current window to the right.
<windows key> + arrow up: “Fullscreen” the current window.
<windows key> + arrow down: restore or minimize the current window.

Office programs (word, outlook ect.):
Mark the text and use ctrl + space: clear formatting. Can be handy if you copied some text that comes with different formatting.
Another trick to remove formatting, is to copy the text into notepad, and then copy the text in notepad to paste it where you want it.


Remote Desktop:

<ctrl> + <alt> + <break>: Toogle full screen.

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