Windows system settings

Windows system settings


I had the issues that my work computer was coming with only 128GB on c-drive. I wanted to use hibernate but with 16GB RAM, the hiberfil.sys takes up (75%) 12GB on the file system.

Also I would have liked to move the file to another drive, but that is not possible. To get rid of it, simply turn off hibernation.

This command will reduce the filesize to 50%. The default is 75%.

powercfg /h /size 50


PowerCfg.exe /HIBERNATE /SIZE 50

To turn off:

powercfg.exe /hibernate off

Target: Windows 7 (probably more).

Sources: link1, link2.


You can change the filesize of pagefile.sys – and even move it to another drive (I believe).

Control Panel –> “find System” –> Advanced System Settings –> “find your way to Virtual Memory”:

Find System – In danish: [Kontrolpanel\System og sikkerhed\System].

egenskaber for system

virtuel memory pagefile.sys

sources: link1.



Starte et program automatisk

Sådan gør vi for at få byggeservicen til at starte automatisk op efter genstart:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00








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