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Manuals or info on small devices I have

Battery charger MW4798

Her er dansk vejledning: Batterilader, MW4798, Vejledning

battery charger MV4798

[seller source, dk-seller der jeg købte.].

This microprocessor-controlled device combines the functions of a battery charger and a
voltage converter.
• for 2 – 4 NiCd or NiMH accumulators, suitable for Micro (AAA) or Mignon (AA)
• with discharging function, automatic switching to trickle charge
• with LED control
• input: 230V
• charging current: 800mA, discharging current: 300mA
voltage converter, regulated:
• for vehicles with a bording-voltage of 12V or 24V, with 6 adapters
• input: 12V/24V or 230V
• output: 1,5-9V (12V), selectable, 1,5-12V (24V), selectable, 1,5-12V (230V), selectable
• current output: max. 800mA



Battery charger – Rapid Charger TLG 1000 C4

Købt i Lidl. Se evt.

Batterilader, tlg_1000_c4___96679_FI_SV_DA (fra Lidl) – Many languages.

Manual: Batterilader, tlg_1000_c4 (flere sprog, inkl. Engelsk og Tysk. Men ikke dansk).

Battery charger: Uniross RC100927 – Ni-Cd & Ni-MH

The very old one I have… No manual needed.


Places to find manuals: – I found one here…