Shortcuts – the new ones

Shortcuts – learning

Here are the new shortcuts that I am learning



Total Commander:


Alt+Shift+Enter‘ => Show directory sizes

Ctrl+b Directory branch: Show contents of current dir and all subdirs in one list

See more here:


Visual Studio


Test run

Testrunner VS?

  • Run tests:                         CTRL R, T
  • Repeat last test run:    CTRL R, L

A testrunner (resharper?):

  • Runs tests (alle i context?)               CTRL U + CTRL R



Vivaldi: vivaldi://settings/tabs/

  • F1 – Open or Close Mail Panel
  • F2 – Open quick commands
  • F4 – Show or Hide Panel
  • F5 – Refresh page
  • F6 – Open or Close Bookmarks panel
  • F8 – Focus address field
  • F9 – Focus Page
  • F11 – Toggle Full Screen

open Vivaldi Settings (use Alt+P)