Lenovo Yoga 2 pro



Drivers, manuals ect:



I too, have problem with the micro-hdmi port:

I have bought a hdmi micro converter (micro to normal hdmi). When I use it with a hdmi cabel, there is no reaction to the screen attatched. I have read that other people have been cutting some of the plastic off their micro hdmi converter stick. See here Hanselman:

It turns out that many cables (especially cheap ones from Amazon) don’t expose enough metal to make a decent connection.

Take a razor blade and cut a good millimeter around the cable’s rubber housing to expose more metal.

So far, I did not try it myself, as I would like to test with other cables first…

Other links:

Go thrugh this first (drivers):





2.99£ – but maybe only shipping in UK (free).

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Download af youtube videos for offline watching

You can download YouTube videos with the Maxthon browser – and the Ressource sniffer.

  • Select Ressource sniffet, and the tab Video
  • So far I noticed that size is unknown for the link. And often there are 2 links. Still need to explore how to detect which link to use.

maxthon download videoes youtube

Example of link to a youtube video, that worked.


Another link example of a link that worked:


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Laptop for developer

I am looking for a good laptop, powerful enough to run programs like visual studio, android studio.

  • Screen:
    • Is 13″ enough?
    • Minimum HD.
  • Weight? 2 Kg? Maybe even less.
  • Price: 8-12.000 DKK
  • SSD – minimum 256GB
  • Need hyper-V

Andre muligheder:

    (11.000 DKK / her)
  • Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro –
    • Komplet har haft den til 7.995 kr. – tror den ellers har ligget på 10.000.
      • ja, faktisk har de 25% rabat lige nu!
      • Der er 512 GB SSD!
      • (info)


http://www.slant.co/topics/103/~what-are-the-best-laptops-for-programming-under-1-500 (2015/08).

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Split App or Web.configwith: configSource


Separating out WCF Configuration Into Multiple Files with configSource

Place sections in external file – example from BNRkre:

    <bindings configSource="bin\SystemServiceModelBindings.config"/>
    <client configSource="bin\SystemServiceModelClient.config"/>

If you wanted you could separate out your entire system.serviceModel section group into smaller files:

    <services configSource="services.config"/>
    <bindings configSource="bindings.config"/>
    <behaviors configSource="behaviors.config"/>
    <extensions configSource="extensions.config"/>

Note, however, that you can only use this for sections. This technique can’t be used for the system.serviceModel section group or for any config elements. Also note that the referenced files should contain only one section, and that you won’t need a <configuration> or <system.serviceModel> tag in them, just the section being referenced.

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Hacker workshop

Noter fra Hacker workshop

May 2015

Warning: post not ready to be read yet!!!


Tjekke servere mv. for sårbarheder /vulnarabilities Linux Kali: Metasploitable, Armitage Husk – du må ikke scanne ud i verden med mindre du har fået tilladelse!

  1. service postgresql start – console
  2. launch metaslpoit framework – menu
  3. armitage – from console
  4. gui is now launched.

Web scanner:

w3af_gui – Kali console. Scan fx. owasp_top10. mod et website. har kørt mod mit eget website…

Kali linux: apt-get update

Med virtualbox. To get guest additions to work: http://docs.kali.org/general-use/kali-linux-virtual-box-guest –> apt-get update && apt-get install -y linux-headers-$(uname -r)



Open Source IDS / IPS / NSM engine.
Suricata is a high performance Network IDS, IPS and Network Security Monitoring engine. Open Source and owned by a community run non-profit foundation, the Open Information Security Foundation (OISF).


www.bro.com – kan bruges til at lave et IDS. Indbygget et antal scripts.

    • Logger. fx. dns traffik.
    • certifikat…

standard installation af bro. /usr/local/bro/

ELK: Elastic Logstash Kibane https://www.elastic.co/

Burp: (…)
koster penge. men prøveversion. http://portswigger.net/burp/

lab til at beskytte sine websites https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Category:OWASP_WebGoat_Project http://overthewire.org/wargames/bandit/


Diverse links:

https://www.ripe.net/     . .


https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/collections/yehgdotnet/webhacker/ – har ikke prøvet endnu.



https://www.whonix.org/Whonix is an operating system focused on anonymity, privacy and security. It’s based on the Tor anonymity network[1], Debian GNU/Linux[2] and security by isolation.

Navne: Edward Snowden, William Binney


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Arrow in gimp

By default you cannot easily make a nice arrow in GIMP. You need to use a plugin:

You can find one in the GIMP Plugin Registry – http://registry.gimp.org/node/20269.

For more help look here:


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Rename multiple files?

I found this tool that I like:


I is a little complicated, but very useful.


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Browser plugins

As a developer I can recommend this plugin:

Appspector – It is only available for the Chrome browser.

It will show you which tecknologies a given site is using. Fx. jQuery or WordPress.

Nice! 🙂

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Windows Phone development

Some notes to setup computer and Visual Studio: Is my machine capable of running a virtual phone: Check this page Hyper-V for more info.

Also see my own page here.


    • Hyper-V – check using CoreInfo
    • SLAT – check using Intel Processor Identification Utility
If your processor supports SLAT it will display Yes next to Intel VT-x with Extended Page Tables.

If your processor supports SLAT it will display Yes next to Intel VT-x with Extended Page Tables.

If you see an asterisk next to EPT (Extended Page Tables) then your CPU supports Widows 8 Hyper-V.

If you see an asterisk next to EPT (Extended Page Tables) then your CPU supports Widows 8 Hyper-V.

The result should be that my 5 year old PC supports hyper-v, and that I can thereby take advantage of it under windows 8 – Yeah 🙂

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