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Browser alternatives: – (Alternatives to: Firefox, Opera, IE, Edge and chrome) – For now I only look at browsers for Windows.   Links: Info to display: engine, portable, latest release?, add-ons. Palemoon SeaMonkey Vivaldi Comodo Dragon IceMonkey Maxthon … Continue reading

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Dev knowledge – notes

  Mark Seemann Visitor Pattern – Kata: Abstractions – interface vs polymorphic type!  

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Gps calculations

Notes to myself (january 2017)   Line intersect  – Tested in JRunnerExperiments.     How to check if two line segments intersect see Although Java code. Not easily translated to c#.     Diverse unchecked: (An … Continue reading

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Prefix – a tool to checkout! Prefix: Fix .NET Application Problems Now Before They Get to Production Tour Prefix in 90 Seconds Captures all ASP.NET requests in real time Is always on and ready when you need it Is so lightweight it will never slow … Continue reading

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Make hologram on your phone

  I wan to do this during Christmas: See more here:    

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Samsung Galaxy X Cover 2 (GT-S7710)

The Samsung Galaxy X Cover 2 (GT-S7710)  is a very very bad product from Samsung. It is completely useless if you are using more than 2 apps. The reason is that 4 GB of memory on the phone is not … Continue reading

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Fake Flash – ebay

  So I did it. I left my brain at home and bought a USB Flash stick with 512 GB – for only 6£. Well, a usb stick with 512 GB doesn’t exists at all. At the moment I am … Continue reading

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Database sqlite – copy the database

Dette er noter. 14/11-2015: adb shell su ls /data/data/dk.dtu.itdiplom.dturunner/databases/DtuRunner cp /data/data/dk.dtu.itdiplom.dturunner/databases/DtuRunner* /mnt/shared/sharedFolder/

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Podcasting in VLC

Just stumbled on this useful lifehacker article: The Best Hidden Features of VLC Once you’ve found the RSS feed for the podcast you want to keep up with, follow these steps: In VLC’s sidebar, scroll down until you see … Continue reading

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Lenovo Yoga 2 pro

Specs: TBD. Drivers, manuals ect: Problems I too, have problem with the micro-hdmi port: I have bought a hdmi micro converter (micro to normal hdmi). When I use it with a hdmi cabel, there is no reaction to the … Continue reading

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