Samsung Galaxy X Cover 2 (GT-S7710)

The Samsung Galaxy X Cover 2 (GT-S7710)  is a very very bad product from Samsung. It is completely useless if you are using more than 2 apps. The reason is that 4 GB of memory on the phone is not near enough with all the $hit Google (and Samsung) pre-install. So 4 GB is completely under dimensioned.

Anyway I want to try and install a lighter version of Android on it to make the phone useful for a friend. I would prefer to install Cyanogenmod – since I know that system, and don’t want to mess with too much software that I don’t know – because of security reasons.

I have read that CM 10.1 could be a good choice. CM 11 could be too heavy for the not so powerful phone. Maybe I go with CM 10.2?

The biggest issue to solve is to be able to install more apps on the SD card. And to get rid of most of the pre-installed apps. But probably I would still need the Google Play Store – which can undermine this project!


Here are some links to get me started:


CyanogenMod – uofficielle ports:


Samsung Galaxy X Cover 2 (GT-S7710)

CyanogenMod 10.1/10.2

CyanogenMod 11


Andre links:









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