Free Cloud storage – Dropbox and the others!

Everybody know nowadays and it is also an excellent service. However many competitors has arrived now, and here I would like to point out a few:

  1. Box
  2. Dropbox
  3. Microsofts live – now oneDrive
  4. Jottacloud
  5. Tresorit
  6. MediaFire
  7. pCloud
  8. Google Drive
  9. ? who to come?



Mega – 50 GB,

SugarSync –


PromptFile – 250 GB !!!

SFShare – 50 GB. Russian??? –


360 – it is in Chinese!!! But “360 Cloud Drive is a Chinese service that offers a huge 360 GB of storage when you first sign up. If you download the desktop client, you instantly get upgraded to over 10 TB of storage!”.
I have not tried it yet!!!


Links to more:


1. – is another good service. You get 10 GB of free storage. Sign up here: (Not sure if you can still get free space?)

2. Dropbox only gives away 2 GB for free, but is still a very good service if you can do with that space.Probably the most popular service – because they were the first to become big.

3. is a Norwegian service which is a direct competitor to Dropbox. Fast and cheaper than dropbox if you choose the payment solution. They offer 5 GB for free.

Then I need to mention the big companies Microsoft and Google:

4. Microsoft has a reliable service, OneDrive (formerly under the name SkyDrive and live) with you hotmail / outlook account; they offer you 7 GB.As og 2016 they offer 5 GB.

8. Personally I do not use googles service but they offer 15GB and is included with your gmail.They call it Google Drive. But if not all, then Google lives from you information…

5. Upcoming Tresorit! 3 GB free. Storage with encryption!

6. MediaFire – seems to stay in business also after others (eg. copy and ubuntu one) started to shutdown. They offer 10 GB to start, with the options to get more by referring, installing software ect. – up to 40 GB! But 5-10 GB extra is probably more likely to get. Cons: Must sign on to your account once a year to prevent expiration. See also

7. pCloud – 10 GB. Get up to 20 GB total – for free.

I will monitor the market to see if there are other trustworty services like the above mentioned. Feel free to comment!

Here you can see even more:


7/5-2014, added Jottacloud.
17/2-2016, Copy is terminating. Added more services.

Old stuff: is a from the well known harddisk producer Barracuda. At the moment you get 20 GB complete free. You need to sign up via a referral link to get all 20 GB else you will have to do with 15 GB. Feel free to use my referral link for to get 5 GB extra space. update February 2016: Copy will stop their service – so not recommended anymore!

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