Samsung TV – SamyGo

I am currently investigating how to make my old, bedroom tv more advanced.
It’s a Samsung LE26B455C4w – or for universal naming B450.
My challenge is first to find out what is the status with firmware on the tv. Did I already install a too new version ? Problem is that Samsung made it harder to install alternative software on the tv:

If your television is supported by SamyGO but you do not have the firmware that allows SamyGO apps to run, you will need to update your television to a firmware that is compatible with SamyGO. Once your television has firmware that supports SamyGO then you can run the SamyGO apps

Well, the other day I downgraded the firmware to a older version, available on the tv. So my curret version is now called:


But – at the moment I have no idea how to determine if that is a valid version.

Further I do not know if the tv is CI+ or CI… Maybe that is the first challenge?

By the way – here is the SamyGo wiki I am looking at:

Samsungs site for the tv:

The latest available firmware version there is called:
– and I assume that that must be the version I have.

For old firmware I have tried to search here: for T-CHL5DEUC

search for firmware T-CHL5DEUC

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2 Responses to Samsung TV – SamyGo

  1. Kash says:

    Were you able to install Samygo firmware? Can you add the features you were able to use? I have Samsung LNxxDxxx model and do not see it LCD tv in D series.

  2. jma73it says:

    Hi Kash,
    I was trying on a B version, and as I commented in this post: – it would not work on that model. So I gave up.

    I also have a C-version, but I already upgraded firmware to a version where it looks like it gets more complicated. So I decieded not to do more about it.
    Not sure about the D versions, just know that it is better not to update firmware, as the don’t add features – they more tend to shut down options to hack the tv.

    Hope you will have more luck than me though.

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